This is a self-initiated brief centered around crafts. The brief asked for a service, initiative or campaign that would promote and celebrate crafts, specifically to a younger audience. It seems in our ever-growing environment of digital screens and technology, our more nostalgic and traditional practices are getting lost and forgotten. The practice of crafts by younger people once they have left education has reduced significantly, meaning that the number of people within the UK that are specialist within a craft field is dwindling. 


The C Word is a creative craft exhibition that asks for crafts people of all skill-sets to contribute pieces of their work, craft knowledge and also their own designs of the ‘C’ part of the logo to create a flexible identity. By collecting and demonstrating a range of craft practices in places that are easily accessible to a younger audience, I hope that they will be more inclined to take up a practice themselves. They will be able to see how relaxing craft can be and the wide range of creative freedom craft can give them.