Winning design of the YCN Student Awards 2018. The brief was given to YCN by the Wychwood Brewery to create a new consumer positioning idea and show how it might work over a 3-4 year period. They wanted the idea to encompass Hobgoblin’s brand essence, help unify all tactical campaigns together, work across today’s digital landscape, and sharpen their challenger status position.

Despite this brief only asking for a consumer positioning idea, I found myself wanting to

re-design the look of the brand. Whilst still sticking true to the Hobgoblins character and heritage, I created a new logo that simplified the iconic Hobgoblin character shape and included new typography that suited to style I was going for. I then re-designed the label of the bottle by creating an illustrated narrative and adding a strip of colour to draw attention to the brand name and the flavour of the beer. The strip of colour also allowed me to create the tagline ‘Highlight your character’, which then transferred into the consumer positioning and marketing campaign I created.







Designing a range of special edition labels using the same consumer positioning idea as stated above, posting onto Instagram with the hashtag #expressyourcharacter.


Creating labels that stand out for holidays such as Christmas, Valentines, Halloween, and limited editions (using unusual printing techniques and inks such as UV or glow in the dark) will keep the brand and product constantly relevant in the consumers day-to-day lives throughout the year.




Using thermochromic ink on the bottle labels to engage the consumer in ‘finding their character’.


Whilst the consumer is holding/drinking the product, their body heat will cause the thermochromic ink to disappear, causing label design below to show through and ‘reveal their character’.


The consumer then posts the ‘smart’ bottle to Instagram with the hashtag #findyourhobgoblin.